Lucia, natural skincare products of New Zealand.

Created out of passion, science and the importance of well-being.

The Lucia range is lovingly crafted to be gentle on your skin and kind to the environment.

Lucia products are formulated with the purest ingredients, organic and spray free wherever possible.  All of the ingredients are chosen for their effect on skin health and your well-being, they contain a powerful blend of essential fatty acids, phenols, antioxidants, fermentations, vitamins and minerals.

Lucia products are made in-house in small batches each week, this ensures that the product you purchase is fresh and delivers the best possible benefits from the ingredients.

Enjoy this beautiful skincare range and celebrate your wellness .....Erith Lucia xx


Fresh is Best

Lucia is made fresh in small batches, which ensures you get the very best efficacy from the skincare ingredients.

Research has shown a 40% average degradation of skincare ingredient collapse in just 8 weeks - notably Retinol, Vitamin C and CoQ10. 


Ingredients we treasure

Certified organic and spray-free plant oils/extracts

Botanical Extracts and Hydrosols


Vitamins and Minerals

Eco-cert preservatives and emulsifiers


Environmental Responsibility

We use cobalt blue glass, this ensures that the light does not degrade the product. We encourage the return of the blue glass bottles, so that they can be sterilised and re-used.

There is no extra packaging only a recyclable kraft box and un-treated wood shavings.


No Parabens. No Dioxins. No Silicones. No Petro Chemicals. No Sulphates. No Synthetic Fragrances or Colours.

No Palm Oil. Not tested on animals. Vegan