Lucia. By Erith Lucia

Our products contain pure ingredients sourced from nature. They have been formulated with your health and the health of the environment in mind. Certified organic and spray-free ingredients (where possible). Eco-cert approved preservative. Botanical extracts. Essential Oils

In 2016 Erith Lucia launched her bespoke range of products that offers uncompromising quality, using natural plant based ingredients and essential oils.

Erith has always had a passion for plants and nature, initially pursuing a career in horticulture and then in wine making (Bachelor of Viticulture & Oenology).

Erith Lucia

Adapting the skills she gained from wine making, she then followed her dream of creating a bespoke range of natural skin care products. She has a certificate in Natural Skincare Formulation (London) and certificate in Aromatherapy (Natural School of Medicine). The products are formulated in-house by Erith, where she uses her chemistry and plant knowledge to deliver the best possible products for your skin and well-being.


All of our ingredients have not been tested on animals. The products are only sold on-line in New Zealand, as some countries require beauty products to be tested on animals before they can be sold in that country.


Supporting natural choices that embrace environmental sustainability and ethical responsibility is critical for the health of our eco-system and well-being.

We package simply using recyclable materials. We encourage the return of the blue glass bottles/jars, so that they can be sterilised and re-used.


Lucia products are made in-house in small batches each week, this ensures that the product you purchase is fresh and delivers the best possible benefits from the botanical ingredients.

At Lucia your well-being is our priority and
we truly believe in our product statement “Made by Nature"